ECCAI team led by her Executive Director Mrs. Victoria Esa visited the Government Girls Secondary school where she donated 22 economic trees namely, 5 Mahogany( Khaya senegalensis), 2 Orange( citrus), 10 Oil palm (Eleais guineansis), 2 Mango( Magifera), 2 locust bean trees(Parkia biglobosa) and 1 frangipani plant.

The ED and her Team were welcomed by the Principal and the students. The ED had a brief talk with the students, educating them on the importance of planting trees. She also taught them the botanical names of all the trees that were donated after which she demonstrated tree planting to them

As a way to appreciate the organization, the principal of the school announced to the students the establishment of the Environmental Club in the school.
The principal of the school also selected some students who will be the organization’s ambassadors. These ambassadors will take care of the plants and ensure their growth. The event was a success.